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European funds, Sardina promoted by the Monitoring Committee

By next December the Region will have to spend € 147 million euros of EU funds, which will become 185 if the goal is to be able to achieve the bonus.The first step planned for this year has been exceeded. The regional planning minister Raffaele Paci is convinced that Sardinia [...]

Italy-China, a bridge thanks to the "Week of science, technology and innovation"

To Strengthen the relations between Sardinia and China in order to offer more growth opportunities for Sardinian companies on the Chinese market. This will be the spirit of the Cagliari event of the Italy-China Week of Science, Technology and Innovation , the largest European event on internationalization between the two [...]

The research programs of the University of Sassari

The University of Sassari supports and promotes the value of knowledge and skills, their transfer to the socio-economic system and endorse a lasting collaboration between academy and business. The University, thanks to the scouting activity of its own skills and technologies, is able to propose solutions to the questions of [...]

Public research bodies in Sardinia: the University of Cagliari

The University of Cagliari actively works with the entrepreneurial world, in particular with regional companies, through a series of exchanges constantly enriched by new ideas and innovative networking initiatives, ranging from applied research to technological transfer. The interaction process between the University of Cagliari and the “planet enterprise” rests on [...]

A focus on the Research Centres in Sardinia

The main Research Centres in Sardinia are located in the SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL PARK, in the CNR (National Research Council) facilities and in AGRIS (Agency for research In Agriculture) . SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL PARK It is a system of advanced infrastructures and services for technological innovation and valorisation of research. [...]

The COSME financial instruments: funding opportunities for European SMEs

Over the last few years, the European Union has increasingly focused on businesses, in particular on SMEs. In June 2008, the European Commission adopted the “ Small Business Act ” in order to promote entrepreneurship and to foster the economic and employment growth of SMEs. SMEs are also mentioned in [...]