Italy-China, the alliance with Hainan is strengthened in the name of the ICT


International markets are a precious opportunity for Sardinian companies that focus on innovation and research to grow, export their products and expand their business even outside the island's borders. The commitment of the Sardinian Regional Government in meetings and events with Chinese companies, investors and researchers goes in this direction. Recently, the opportunity to strengthen relationships between Sardinia and China was the participation of a delegation from the Planning Ministry, led by Massimo Carboni, to the Hainan Hi-tech Industry and Innovation Expo, which took place from June 29 to July 1st.

"We want to push our companies to grow, to develop and to create a supply chain and to challenge the big international markets, like the Chinese one", says the regional planning minister, Raffaele Paci. "We want our businesses to open up to the Chinese market - he continues - and we also say to foreign entrepreneurs that Sardinia is a land that, as a whole, has an absolutely unique offer in the world". According to Paci, "certainly the fields on which new relationships can be built are ICT, research and high technology".

During the three days spent in China, important steps have been made regarding the possible collaboration in the automotive sector between Abinsula, the only Sardinian and Italian company present at the Hainan Expo, with its own resources, and Haima, a Mazda group company. During the meeting in Hainan there was also discussion of the possibility of receiving a delegation of entrepreneurs, researchers and representatives of the local government in Cagliari on October 25, when the Italian-Chinese Innovation Week make a stop in the city.

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