ICT networks


With the purpose of supporting the implementation and management of various ICT systems, the Region of Sardinia has made significant investments in cutting-edge technological infrastructures.

ICT infrastructures include:

  1. the ICT connectivity network of the Public Administration
  2. the public access ICT connectivity network providing internet connections and on-line services

 The Autonomous Region of Sardinia has a Regional ICT Network (RTR), designed to meet the connectivity requirements of the Regional Administration, its institutions, and the companies connected to the regional health service.  Its construction started in 2005 and includes a fibre optic backbone that runs for about 1300 km throughout the region and provides a closed-loop connection to nine access points, one in each provincial capital city, to the public-access internet networks of the main cities (Cagliari, Sassari, Tempio Pausania and Lanusei) and the surrounding areas.

In the future, thanks to the enhancement of the RTR, the services will be provided to the Public Administration of Sardinia as a whole; progressively increasing infrastructure investments will ensure reliable and efficient services, reducing operating costs and scale economies.

The Region is committed into the development of ICT applications both to enhance the quality of the services provided by public administration and the infrastructure opportunities for new companies. It aims to cover all territories, also through public co-financing on the infrastructures which the private sector may not be able to provide.

The connectivity system, extended to industrial centres, research centres, enterprises, ASLs, etc., is intended to promote Sardinia as a "system" and, therefore, its competitiveness and development policies. The promotion of ICT to enhance competitiveness and productivity, has the strategic objective to steer the system towards business investment in the fields of high-tech and the innovation of products and processes, for the creation of intangible infrastructure and digital services.

Regarding the industry of digital convergence, regional policies aim to increase the companies' ability to use and access infrastructural assets and services, and develop parallel digital content, applications and services.


Updated on 17/06/2017